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Therapeutic Massage Clinic
1355 North Main Avenue, Scranton PA 18508
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The Many Benefits of Massage

Tension and Stress
As any doctor or medical professional will tell you, there is an array of benefits to massage. For many people in today's hectic workplace, stress is a major issue and problem. Besides migraines and headaches, stress is known to be a cause of ulcers, heart attacks, strokes, and much more. Massage reduces, if not alleviates the probability of these factors becoming a problem. Since stress has been proven to ruin your health--and quality of life--massage can add years of vitality.
Blood Pressure
Massage breaks up the calcium deposits in your system that block arteries and decrease circulation and blood flow to the body.
Massage reduces pain and edema (swelling) in sufferers of sports injuries, accident injuries, sprains and strains.
We are assaulted by toxins each and every day, from pollution, smog, cigarette smoke and from within, from the foods we eat and the liquids we drink. Massage is known to flush these toxins and leave you feeling re-energized and overall clean.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
This syndrome is caused by excessive use of the wrist and forearm repetitively and continuously, due to lifting, computer work, etc. This causes the liquid calcium in the tunnel to harden, and blocks circulation in these areas, leading to the numbness of the hands, wrists and forearm. Acupressure is applied to these areas: the corridor of the forearm, or the carpal tunnel, is where the calcium buildup that causes this occurs. Massage breaks up these calcium deposits, and the recommended intake of water assists their removal, relieving you of the pain and discomfort.
Eyestrain from reading, computer work, sewing, or even having a long workweek, can be alleviated by massage. This is done by utilizing the trigger points in the facial areas, above the eyebrows and on the cheeks. Also, to relieve tension in the neck area, direct pressure is applied at the base of the skull and the neck. This is often a welcome relief to the modern professional.
Massage can relieve the upper extremities in persons with asthma and/or other respiratory problems by using direct pressure (trigger point massage) in certain areas of the body. This helps to break up the fluids in the lungs and assist in easier breathing.

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